Wild Caught eels Please note that due to the nature of wild fishing there is no guarantee that your order specifications can be met as fish are caught directly from the wild and sold without any conditioning. We cannot guarantee that in any one week we can catch & supply any volume of sizes and weights.

Short Fin Freshwater Eel (Anguilla australis)

Our Short Fin Eel are harvested in the wild waterways of Tasmania from September to June, transported to our export facility and packaged to meet export and market requirements. Eels are purged and graded prior to package for export.

Size Grades

  • LARGE: 1.0Kg +
  • MEDIUM: 600-999g
  • SMALL: 300-600g

Long Fin Freshwater Eel

Much larger than the Short fin, the Long Fin Eel can grow to twenty kilograms.

Anguilla Reinhardtii

We have one export size grade in which eel are a minimum of one kilogram in weight.